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Focused on user experience for functional interfaces.


Web-tiki uses modern technologies (HTML5, CSS3, javaScript, SVG ...) to offer a consistent user experience.


Web-tiki uses the open source CMS joomla! Driven by a dynamic community, it integrates the basic features (content management, blogs, newsletters, multilingual websites ...) but also adapts to demanding projects such as online shops, pro spaces, forums ...


Realization of online stores with shopify: configuration and development of custom templates (the graphics and design of the online store adapts to your content).


To improve and measure audience on the web using the potential of SEO.


The delivery of a website comes with training on how to use backend and content management. Web-tiki carries out a technical monitoring and takes care of the technical maintenance.

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Web projects

  • Stackoverflow

    I have been around for some time now and have answered over 800 questions on stackoverflow. More than a number, it has and still is a great way to stay up to date with web technologies.

  • Codepen

    I am also fond of codepen web playground and have made a few popular "pens" like this html/CSS walking cycle:walking cycle with html and CSSview on codepen

  • Github

    I use github to share and host code like the responsive grid of hexagons.

  • Photography

    I love photography, mostly as a hobby but I also use it to make pictures for the websites I make. Some of my pictures are visible on 500px.

  • Social networks

    You can find a list of social networks I have a profile on on the contact page.

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